Waste collection calendar

Would you like to know when we will collect your waste? Please check the waste collection calendar.

Make sure that:

  • The mini container is placed on garbage collection zone the between 7.00 and 7.30 hours am;
  • The mini container is places with the handle facing the road next to the other mini containers’ and with a closed lid;
  • You do not place any loose waste near you container. This will not be collected!
  • Do not place any glass, chemical waste, paper, clothes, big trash or breakstone into your container;
  • During the winter months It is important that you shuffle the waste in the container to ensure that your container can be emptied completely.

Large waste items pick-up service

Would you like us to pick up your large waste items? This is possible for some types of large items. For more information please go to Bulk refuse.

Locations for your big trash

As a resident of the municipal of Voorschoten you can also bring your large items of waste that don’t fit into the waste container to the waste collection centre in Wassenaar. For example: a couch, a mattress, wood, plasterboard or building waste. This location has a number of large containers in which you can get rid of your waste.

Please remember to take your Avalex pass with you when you visit the waste collection location. Per residential address Avalex provides an Avalex pass. The pass is connected to the residential address and is registered with the The Dutch DPA. We ask you when you move that you leave the pass in the residence. The pass can only be used by persons residing on the registered residential address.

The address and opening hours of the waste collection centre are:
Hogeboomseweg 6, 2241 BG Wassenaar
Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00
Saturday 12.00-16.00

Waste collection, branches

You might have a lot of branches due to pruning of bushes/trees. You can arrange for removal of these branches by the municipality.  For more information please go to Waste collection, branches.