What is it?

Bulky waste (grofvuil) includes materials or items too large (or heavy) for the regular household waste, for example furniture or carpet flooring. 

Branches or tree trimmings

You might want to let branches be picked up due to pruning of bushes and trees. This is possible by making a separate appointment on the following website: Waste collection, branches | Voorschoten

Electrical devices

As for example: refrigerators, freezers, televisions, microwaves, hairdryers, kitchen tools and audio- and video devices. These electrical devices are not being collected by the municipality and should be brought to the waste collector station: Avalex or a pick up by kringloop Holland can be arranged by telephone number: 070-3895724

Construction and demolition waste

As for example laminate flooring, laminate kitchen or bathroom parts, scrap metal, paving, stones, roofing, window frames and drywalls. Construction and demolition waste can be brought to the waste collector station: Avalex. For sand and earth sand is it best to find a processor on the internet that can dispose this for you.

Car tires

Car tires are not bulky waste and are not being collected by the municipality. You can deliver your car tires at the waste collector station: Avalex.

Paper and cardboard waste

Paper and cardboard can be thrown away in the paper containers that can be found in the shopping areas of Voorschoten.


Glass can be thrown away in glass containers that can be found in the shopping areas of Voorschoten.

How does it work?

Bringing the bulky waste to a waste collector

Whenever you bring your waste to the waste collection station, keep the following in mind: Separate the bulk waste. Bring your Avalex card with you, this will provide you the access to the waste collection station.  Only payment with a debit card is possible.

If you do not have an Avalex card or whenever your card is missing, you can apply for a new card at the website of Avalex or call (0900)-0507 (local rate). Important to know, is that your old Avalex card will be blocked and you will receive a new one by mail.

Collecting bulky waste by the municipality

The municipality Voorschoten collects bulky waste and charge 25,- and only by appointment.

Procedure for collecting bulky waste

  1. Separate the several refuses from each other and make it as easy as possible to be picked up. 
  2. Bind the refuse together in easy manageable packages.
  3. Put the bulk refuse alongside the public road where the garbage truck can easily pick it up. 
  4. Do not put it on any private property.

Extra information

You are allowed to only put your bulky waste outside after 10 PM the day before your appointment or before 7:30 AM in the morning on the day itself. This to make sure that the bulky waste remains on its spot and does not cause any inconvenience for others. Sometimes you have to put the bulk refuse at a specific location. For example close to the side of the road. You may not put the bulky waste on your private property. It should be offered alongside the public road. Please mention precisely where you put the bulky waste when making an appointment.

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Bulky waste

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