Typical Dutch holidays

  • New Year's Dive: 1 January
    An annual tradition in The Hague is the New Year's Dive (Nieuwjaarsduik) taken by some 10,000 people into the icy cold waters of the North Sea by the Pier at Scheveningen Beach.
  • Kings's Day (Koningsdag): 27 April
    A national holiday in the Netherlands which started as a celebration of the Dutch monarchy.
  • Remembrance Day & Liberation Day: 4 and 5 May
    The Netherlands has its own way of commemorating the Second World War and celebrating the country's liberation.
  • Flag Day: Saturday in June
    Celebrating the arrival of the first herring (Hollandse Nieuwe) in the southern coastal towns of Vlaardingen and Scheveningen.
  • Dutch Veterans Day: last Saturday in June
    The country pays homage to veterans who served the Netherlands in wars or international peacekeeping operations.
  • Prince's Day: third Tuesday in September
    The official yearly opening of Dutch parliament.
  • Sinterklaas: 5 December
    Not an official holiday in the Netherlands but many parents traditionally leave work early so that they can celebrate pakjesavond (evening of packages) with their children on Saint Nicholas' Eve. He usually arrives by boat 3 weeks in advance.