Adapted rules for dogs

Dogs are welcome in Voorschoten!

There are a variety of dog walking routes. There are also places where you can let you dog roam free. However, sometimes dogs can be a nuisance. Dog poop is public irritation number one. It is also possible that people are not thrilled if your dog is not on a leash. Therefore the municipality has come up with rules and regulations for everyone – dog owners and others – to limit the inconvenience as much as possible. Dog owners must carry a “pooper-scooper” with them at all times. You must be able to show that you have paper or plastic baggies or a small scoop with you. And you must clean up after your dog.

Places where you can let you dog roam free


Supervisors of the public area can fine you for letting your dog off the leash where it is not allowed. These fines can be levied in the following situations:

  • Not cleaning up after your dog;
  • Off the leash where it is not permitted;
  • Presence in a location where is its prohibited;
  • Not having resources on you for cleaning up after your dog.

Dog tax

For more informatie about dog tax please go to dog tax.