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Youth and Family Centre

  • Wat is het?

    What is it?

    The Youth and Family Centre (YFC) supports parents and children from the age minus 9 months till the age of 23 years. Within the YFC, various organisations work together: youth nurses and the paediatrician from the youth health care; social workers and school social workers of Kwadraad; youth social workers; employees of the school advisory service; youth consultants of the municipality; and MEE consultants from the MEE Foundation. Parents, children and youth can come to the YFC with all sorts of questions about growing up, parenting and youth aid. The YFC is also available for support and care. Often this support is freely accessible, for example when advise is given or with support from social services or the paediatric consultation centre (in Dutch: consultatiebureau). 

  • Hoe werkt het?

    How does it work?

    Youth aid within the Youth and Family Centre
    As of January 1, 2015 the access to all types of youth aid within the youth law are organised within the Youth and Family Centre. The access to youth aid is not freely accessible. This means that for obtaining the access, one needs a disposal. Since January 1, 2015 2 youth consultants start at the YFC. These youth consultants are former employees of the Youth Care Office (Bureau Jeugdzorg) and they are specialised in providing access to specialist youth care. The youth consultants work together with youth and their parents. When necessary other professionals from the Youth and Family Centre can provide assistance, for example the paediatrician, the school social workers or other professionals with specialist knowledge. 

    At the website of the Youth and Family Centre (can be translated to English) and at their Facebook page you can find more information.