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Bulk refuse

  • Wat is het?

    What is it?

    •    Bulk refuse (grofvuil) is household waste that is too big or too heavy to be put in a garbage bag or container. For example furniture or carpet flooring.
    •    Always separate the refuse and make packages out of it. These packages should be easy to pick up. 
    •    The municipality does not collect all the refuse.

  • Direct online regelen

    Arrange it online

    The municipality Voorschoten works with eIDAS: the European electronic identification and trust services. For more information on eIDAS.

  • Hoe werkt het ?

    How does it work?

    Bringing refuse away
    If you bring your refuse to the waste collection station, keep the following in mind:
    •    Separate the bulk waste
    •    Bring your Avalex card, this will provide access to the waste collection station
    •    You can only pay with with a debit card
    If you do not have an Avalex card or if you lose it, you can apply for a new card at the website of Avalex or call (0900) 0507 (local rate). Important: your old Avalex card will be blocked and you will receive a new one in the mail. 

    The municipality Voorschoten collects bulk household refuse (no construction or demolition refuse) free of charge and on appointment only.
    Rules for collecting bulk refuse:
    1.    Separate the refuse and make it sure it is easy to pick up.
    2.    Bind the refuse together in easy manageable packages. 
    3.    Put the bulk refuse alongside the public road where the garbage truck can pick it up. Do not put it on private property. 

    Extra information
    •    On the day the municipality is collecting your bulk refuse, you are allowed to only put your bulk refuse outside after a certain time. This is to make sure the bulk refuse will not spread through the street and not cause any inconvenience. 
    •    Sometimes you have to put the bulk refuse at a certain location. For example close to the side of the road.
    You cannot put the bulk refuse on your private property. It should be offered alongside the public road.